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Your Idea Partner

Preddy PR clients have an idea partner on their teams. Our marketing and publc relations solutions are creative and innovative. Most importantly, they resonate with desired clientele and prospects. We develop and implement the most effective proven strategies, always with a twist that relates to the branding we help clients develop. From email marketing and social media, to publicity and advertising, to events that create a buzz, our arsenal is comprehensive and allows clients to shine with realized potential and overcome daunting challenges. Founded in 1997 by Beth Preddy, Preddy PR creates and implements campaigns and single promotions tailored to the needs of its hospitality and non-profit clients.

Beth Preddy, president of Preddy PR Inc.

Beth Preddy

At A Glance

Decades of experience and expertise.


Fun and collaborative.

Plugged into contemporary culture.

But also steeped in history.

Media savvy and the results to prove it.

Like having your own in-house marketing director.

Hospitality and attraction-focused, but diverse too.

Well-rounded scope of services.

Team of the region's most creative professionals.

How We Work

We start by polishing your image and digging for news. Then we tell your story far and wide in multiple media, from advertising to publicity, from social media to email marketing, from promotional material to websites. We are event masters and creators of some of the region's most creative and well-attended happenings.

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